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Copper’s Benefits Supported by Scientific Research – Part I September 4, 2014

By Joe Gorsuch, Copper Development Association (CDA) Manager, Health Environment and Sustainable Development

Editor’s Note:   The Copper Development Association consistently studies and evaluates copper’s many uses for the benefit of all humanity and the environment around us.  The CDA makes significant contributions to many different fields of study that deeply impact and improve human life, from health and medicine to transportation, from energy to emissions, and from groundwater to space exploration.  The list is lengthy and all-encompassing because copper is part of our daily lives.  

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Mobility of the Future: The Adoption of New Motor Technologies April 18, 2014

By Bob Weed Copper Development Association (CDA) Vice President and OEM

Dr. Peter Phleps of BMW’s Institute for Mobility Research describes himself as an “optimist,” but believes that in industrial countries the period of strong passenger car growth is over.  In addition to economic factors, explanations for this trend point to demographic development or increasing multi-modal mobility patterns of young adults.