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Copper’s Benefits Supported by Scientific Research – Part II October 20, 2014

Roof Runoff Study Shows Progress in Mitigating Copper’s Effects on the Environment

By Joe Gorsuch, Copper Development Association (CDA) Manager, Health, Environment and Sustainable Development and Kevin Rader, Project Manager at Mutch Associates, LLC.


Copper & Fish Smell: Who Nose?

This program, produced for ICA Members, addresses concerns by regulars in the Pacific Northwestern region of the U.S. that short-term exposures to very low copper concentrations might impair olfaction and possibly behavior in fish, particularly in salmon. Dr. Scott Baker, Director of the Health Environment, Sustainable Development program and Joe Gorsuch, former Manager of Health Environment Sustainable Development for the Copper Development Association, interview noted environmental scientists, Dr. Robert Gensemer and Dr. Joe Meyer.

The program was produced by Scott Baker, Joe Gorsuch and David DeForest.